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Nationality Identification Details

MiFID II is a new financial regulation which comes into effect from 3 January 2018. It has been designed to protect investors, such as you, by introducing enhanced obligations for firms, like us, who provide investment and trading services. Its aim is to increase transparency and prevent market abuse.

We will have to collect additional information from you to report to regulatory bodies about your transactions. The main information required is to confirm your nationality/nationalities and something called a National Client Identifier (NCI). In the case of UK nationals the NCI is your National Insurance number. Non-UK nationals, and anyone who has multiple nationalities, may be asked for a different NCI, e.g. your passport number.

If you do not provide the information we may not be able to complete your transaction.

Find out your National Client Identifier (NCI)

The calculator below helps you identify the NCI for your primary nationality which you need to provide in order to comply with the new regulations. In some cases, it is not necessary to provide an NCI and the calculator will tell you if that applies to you.

Enter your details below to find out what NCI you need to provide

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Do you have a second nationality?